Walk in the rainforest


On the other side of the Gran Rio we walk through the pristine Amazon Rain Forest. Along the river we see a hut or field here and there, but when you go a bit further all you see is secundary and primary rain forest. It’s so marvellous to discover a fluttering stark blue morpho butterfly along the creek. Just enjoy the ferns and the evergreen bushes. Pause a while to observe a colourful beetle on a leaf. Or, who knows, you might surprise an aguti (gold hare) … To make this trip you are taken to the other side of the river by canoe. You go on an expedition along small pathways through the tropical rain forest with your guide, who will draw your attention to parasol ants, sluggards, and the typical sounds of the forest. This is your occasion to enjoy the rich biodiversity at a leisurely pace in a region still pristine, with hardly any trace of human presence. Nature as it has been for ages!