Kayana return


Three times a week (Mo-We-Fr) there is a flight between Paramaribo and the airstrip of Kayana (less than an hour). Kosindo River Lodge can book flights for you. These are even included in some package deals. Flights are operated by Blue Wing, occasionally by Gum Air. A flight may be cancelled at any moment due to unfavourable weather conditions, and also when less than 4 persons have booked. Alternatives are already presented to you when you book your package. Charter flights are possible for groups, even on other days.
Would you like to travel in a more adventurous way? Do take the boat then, a canoe. Outbound from Atjoni is upstream, and may take a whole day. Sometimes you have to road overnight with low water. Small groups sail either with Lanti Boto (a line boat with a fixed price pp.), or with a smaller and faster charterboat (against suppl.; max. 6 p.) between Atjoni and Tapawatra; further to or from Kosindo by lodge charter. The charter price is divided by the number of passengers, so the larger the group, the lower the price.

We arrange the whole trip for you, also from Paramaribo, if possible at your hotel, to Atjoni, by collective bus, or individually by car (max. 6 passengers).

Don’t forget: food and drinks (which you can buy at Atjoni), long sleeves, 3/4 trousers, sandals you can wade with, shawl or towel to protect your neck against the sun, sun hat, total screen sun lotion,  sun glasses, light plastic rain cape directly at hand against sudden showers. All electronic equipment and documents must be packed waterproof. You have to defy two impressive obstacles on the way. The boatsmen can tell you heroic stories about vicissitudes while taking those obstacles, which ended well, or less well! Tu-lio-buka (‘two-river-mouth’) where the Gran Rio and the Pikin Rio merge into the Upper Surinam, with the Tapawatra rapid, the occlusion (‘tapa’) of the Gran Rio, is  unforgettable. Sailing half an hour further on the Gran Rio/Gaan Lio, you moor at Gran Dam (Gaan Dan in Saramaccan), the second big rapid. That one forms a magnificent island with a unique vegetation. For the second time the canoe is unloaded and towed at some distance over the rocks and over land. Carrying the bagage and towing the boat is done by the boatsmen, but who feels up to it may help. Only for strong men and women! Then it’s only 3 quarters of an hour more to Kosindo River Lodge. We advise those who are a bit reluctant towards that ‘expedition’ to make the boat trip only to return downstream, about 6 hours all the way to Atjoni, or, even more comfortable, combined with staying overnight in an other lodge along the river. We can arrange all that for you.
You will find most rates (subject to changes) here.