You can book and pay all these activities and trips while you are at KOSINDO RIVER LODGE. Except for the 2-day trip to Senteadam: that one has to be booked in advance.

All rates are per person.

1. Awaradam Peti sula (rapids), half a day  DSC_2867

2. Mount Oko, one or more days

one day included in Kosindo Experience package

3. Walking through the villages + boat trip, half a day   DSC_3046
4. Nature walk in the tropical rain forest, half a day   Boswandeling
5. Nocturnal Caiman Trip, 2 hour night trip   Brilkaaiman
6. Workshop wood carving, half a day   DSC_3031
7. Active in the traditional kitchen + gourd processing, half a day   DSC_0913
8. Cultural evening   KRL Slideshow (43)
9. Sailing and fishing in Kayana Creek  Klembord06
10. Senteadam, 2 days   DSC_2696
11. Living one day as a Saramaccan in the village
      to be determined