Promenade des villages

The different Saramaccan villages of the Langu region are connected by footpaths. All Saramaccan villages, houses, and fields in the Langu region – except one you cannot visit – are situated on the same side of the river.For this guided walk you go by boat to one of the villages first. You can choose which villages you want to visit. At Moitori you can visit the woodcarving and the sewing workshops. The local system of small-scale agriculture on the so-called ‘cost grounds’ is explained to you. Some houses with their shiny polished cookware are a feast for the eyes. An other village next to Kayana is Ligorio, a still very authentic Saramaccan village with a Roman Catholic church and churchyard; the only cemetary this side of the river. We walk through a piece of marvellous river wood, with small creeks and bridges.
Stonhuku is the chief town of the Langu region. Some 250 people are living there, as well as the head captain of the region. Occasionally you can pay him a visit with the guide. You will be amazed by the Saramaccan hospitality!From Stonhuku you walk to the north through a magnificent landscape; there you pass the hamlets Godowata and Deböö. Especially the sacrificial sites with beautifully stylised wooden statues are remarkable in those villages. Your guide is sure to explain the function of those statues. A bit further you reach Kayana again!

Once you’ve made this walk, you can freely walk by yourselves in and between the villages. Always stay on the paths. Pictures within the villages, and – on the paths – of inhabitants, only with permission from the persons you want to photograph, or from the owner of houses and objects. Ritual objects may not be photographed.

For your safety: never walk without a local guide on paths other than between villages, or in the woods, and no boating without our boatsmen.