Senteadam (2 journées)

DSC_2696 About 50 miles upstream – so still deeper into the Amazon jungle – we reach  Senteadam. A bushcamp has been built on an island next to mighty rapids in the Gran Rio – on the edge of the Central Surinam Reserve.Getting there by canoe is already an adventure! We ‘sail’ through absolute pristine nature for a couple of hours. Perhaps we might spot some species of monkeys high in the trees, possible preys for the enormous harpy eagle, with its 2 yd span one of the largest eagle species in the world.  Regularly a jaguar is spotted at one of the creeks.  You might see a giant otter fishing. Caimans are lying here and there along the shores.

You stay in the Senteadam bushcamp one night, in a comfortable hammack with sheet and a special mosquito net. Next to the sleeping compartment there is a kitchen, where dinner and breakfast are prepared. A toilet and a settee guarantee hygiene and comfort. In the morning, after breakfast, we make a walk through primary rain forest. The journey back is partly without engine, so that you can enjoy the sounds of the jungle and the red pawn caracaras along the shores! We stop at Awaradam Peti for a swim in the rapids before arriving at Kosindo River Lodge in the afternoon.