Mount Oko, 1 or more days

Klembord01 Somewhere in the middle of the jungle there is a 200 m high granite rock. A rounded top, from where you have a breathtaking view over the tropical rain forest below. You are sure to hear the howlers there, and with some luck you can also see them. Groups of parrots are sailing over the tree tops down below.The expedition to Mount Oko takes a whole day. At half past nine in the morning you sail to the mouth of a creek in half an hour. The hike begins here. Soon you are in the middle of the still virgin forest with no trace of any human interference. Your guide will point out to you the various vegetation forms, different species of frogs, leafcutter ants crossing your path, and birds specific for the season.
After a three hour hike through the rainforest you arrive at the foot of Mount Oko (ca. 250 m). This marks the beginning of a steep climb up, clambering along lianas and roots to a dry, rough world. All of a sudden there is an enormous change of vegetation: first we had ferns and evergreen plants, now all sorts of cacti and thistles are dominant. If the climb seems too tough for you, you can simply stay down. There is a wonderful shady spot by the Oko creek!Around 5 pm you are back at Kosindo River Lodge.

This is such a gorgeous place, that you might want to stay longer. That’s why you can also stay overnight. You build a camp, together with the guide, hammocks are hung, and it’s just relaxing and watching the bright stars until you fall asleep, tired after climbing and descending Oko Mountain. The next day(s) you have plenty of time to swim, fish, walk,…